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Sun protection ideas from Dermatology PA

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Sun protection has been evolving over the years and recently there is much more emphasis on physical protection. This means wearing protective hats and clothing. In Australia where melanoma rates are the highest in the world, they are de-emphasizing sunscreen use and suggesting hats and shirts while in the sun. One has only to look at fishing or sporting magazines to see photos of guides wearing complete coverage, which even goes so far as to include a facial “buff” which is a cloth mask that covers all skin! They have seen their friends get skin cancer from continued sun exposure and are wising up. I continue to emphasize a couple of things for summer. Women (and men) need to avoid wearing tank top shirts as they expose the shoulders and chest to far too much direct sun. I see the damage on the skin that this wreaks. Children must wear lycra swim shirts or suits to cover most of the skin of the arms and all of the trunk when they are in the pool or lake. Finally, sunscreen should be applied to exposed skin. We are now carrying Elta brand sunscreen that contains 7% zinc which has been shown to be more effective than chemical based sunscreens. We are also stocking one of my favorite tricks for sun protection: Sportzbloc –which is a pure zinc and titanium sunblock for small areas such as the nose, lips and upper cheeks. This is great for high sun activities such as golfing, fishing, sailing or skiing. -Dr. Ide

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