• Dr. Arthur Ide

Skin Cancer Screening

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Skin cancer screening (AKA total body examination) has become very commonplace in our practice during the last several years. More and more patients see their friends with skin cancer and realize that they have never had their skin checked for cancer. An initial skin cancer examination at Dermatology PA by either Dr Arthur Ide or Beth Dougherty NP can determine if there is any cancer on the skin at the time of the visit and also the relative risk for skin cancer going forward. This risk would increase with several factors including: 1. Family history of skin cancer 2. Outdoor occupation or activity (such as golf) 3. Fair skin type (easily burn in the sun) and 4. Many moles on the skin. Our patients who have these factors are checked at least annually for skin cancer. If suspicious lesions are noted, they are either biopsied or observed closely for changes. If you have not had a skin cancer screening examination by a dermatologist it is highly recommended that this is done. If skin cancer is detected they are usually easily removed in the office with minor surgery or possibly using Aldara cream (see previous Blog post on this or Google “Dr Ide, KSTP, Aldara”). If more major surgery is required we use several skilled surgeons in the metro area to assist us.

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