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Physical protection from the sun!

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

I am always amazed how little we realize that physical protection from the sun is the best and most protective (clothing). The comment I usually hear when I bring this up is “I would get too hot!”.

My response is to look at the Arabs in the desert with their long robes. Also, look at what fishing guides in Florida are doing. They are completely covered from head to toe to avoid any sun exposure with their long days in the sun. This even includes a facial covering called a “buff”. These are now widely available and have become popular with bikers, fishermen and skiers for complete sun protection.

The single best piece of sun protection gear, in my humble opinion, however, is the rash guard shirt. This shirt, made of tight fitting lycra, is worn while in and around the water, which is where a lot of our sun exposure occurs.

These simple shirts will change the face of sun damage for the next generation of kids growing up. They are so completely protective that I think we will see the incidence of skin cancer on the back and shoulders decrease and hopefully the incidence of melanoma also!

Arthur Ide MD

Dermatology PA

Edina MN

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