• Dr. Arthur Ide

Dermatology P.A. is now offering Virtual Telemedicine Visits

Due to the recent Covid 19 outbreak we at Dermatology PA are now offering a virtual telemedicine visit format that is done over the internet instead of a face to face visit in the office. This format can be useful for various dermatologic problems as we are a largely visual specialty and well suited for virtual office visits.  We would suggest waiting for general total body examinations as these are best done in person. We are, of course, not able to do any procedures or removals in this format.

In order to schedule a virtual visit appointment, you will need to call our main office number, 952-374-5995,  and schedule an appointment as usual. You will need a computer with a camera or smart phone in order to have such a visit. Most insurances are now paying for these virtual visits.

We hope that the pandemic passes quickly and hope that this visit format will help those in need of skin care in the short term.

Dr. Arthur Ide

Dermatology P.A.

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