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Dry Skin Care

It is that time of year when the weather gets cold, the heat goes on and our skin gets dry and itchy. People lucky enough to travel to warm and humid climates in the winter notice that their skin dryness improves within days of arrival at their winter destination. What can we do here in Minnesota?

  • Avoid swimming, hot tubs and long hot baths (very drying)

  • Use only mild soap in “armpits and groin,” never wash legs with soap

  • Apply good thick moisturizer creams on skin within one minute of getting out of the shower (try to avoid two showers daily)

  • For hand dryness and cracking, cut down the number of times that you wash with soap and water, use hand cleansers instead to avoid illness. Apply heavy hand cream after washing and before bed (Vaniply ointment, Neutrogena hand cream)

  • If an itchy rash develops you may need a topical medication to clear it up

  • Forget the common myths that:

  • Drinking a lot of water will keep your skin hydrated (not true)

  • If you use moisturizer your skin will not produce natural oil  (your skin is not that smart)

We should also remember to get an all over, total body skin examination yearly. Please call 952-374-5995 to schedule your yearly skin examination today. Dr. Arthur Ide Dermatology P.A.

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